Tips On Spending More Quality Time With Family

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Do you wish you had more quality time to spend with your family? Here’s our quick 3-minute guide to learn how to spend more quality time with them!

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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When we all have busy lives, it isn’t easy to spend as much time with our families as we’d like. This can be even more difficult as the children get older, especially since they have other commitments, too. The good news is that having quality time is far better than having a lot of time.

So, if you are pushed for time, you just need to be wiser with the time that you have. This means devising strategies for spending quality time with the family. Let’s have a look at a few tips to make the most of the time you do have!

#1 Have Heart to Hearts

Having a daily heart to heart with each of your children is important. It gives you some quiet time with them and allows you to keep tabs on how they are emotionally. One of the best times to do this is at bedtime when they are tucked up and ready to sleep. This is when they’ll be most receptive to your conversation. This is where you determine if anything is wrong, how they are doing, and if you can help them in any way. They need to know you love them and that you always have their back. And most importantly, they need to know they can trust you.

#2 Prioritize Family Mealtimes

Having meals together around the dinner table is a great way to install healthy habits and have a positive impact. Mealtimes together provide a certain security and routine which your children can cling to. It is something that you all can do together, and you can socialize and communicate as a family unit, enjoying the same food.

If you can, home-cooked meals are a great way to embed this unity further. Perhaps the kids can help you chop the vegetables and join in the creation phases of the meal. This can be fun if you want it to be. The occasional family meal out, once a week or month or so, is also important too. Let the kids choose something that they’d enjoy, like going to the pizzeria. Food is always a great family affair, regardless of how or what you eat.

#3 Family Activities

Once a week or so, you should plan something that the whole family does. These activities could be anything from going to the nearest town and shopping together, to visiting the nearest ski slope. It may be an idea to get each family member to choose an activity each week. This way, everyone does something they enjoy. You want your family to look forward to spending time with you. This way, the time will be more enjoyable for everyone.

#4 Plan Family Gatherings

You should host events at your home and invite the extended family members like grandparents and cousins. Family is important, and spending time with the grandparents is important for your children. They will learn more about your history and understand more about life this way. Everyone enjoys a social event with music and games. You don’t have to wait for Christmas to do this either. 

The Takeaway

Spending quality time with your family doesn’t have to feel like a lost cause. There are many other tips to incorporate into your daily routine that will help, but by using just a few from the list above, you’ll feel so much better by trying to give your kids this quality time. Plus, they’ll be grateful to have those long-lasting memories with you!

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