5 Ways To Get Your Kids Interested In Playing Sports

toddler playing soccer

Are you trying to get your kids into sports to no avail? Here are a few creative ways to get your kids into sports.

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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There comes a point in many parents’ lives where they want their kids to get involved in sports. And while sports promotes a great deal of benefits like team work, not every kid wants to join. This could be for a number of reasons from nerves to fear to zero interest.

But figuring out how to get your kids into sports doesn’t have to be confusing or time-consuming. Instead, use a few easy and practical tips to create interest in them to play sports.

To guide you, below are few quick ways you can use to get your kids interested in playing sports.

1. Add Physical Activity To Their Daily Routine

One of the more daunting parts of getting into sports for kids is the physical activity they’ll have to put in. As minor as that seems to adults, it may be daunting to them. You can minimize this shock by adding daily physical activity to your child’s routine.

In the beginning, you can start slow by playing an easy sport together, like soccer or t-ball. All it takes is a few bouts of playtime together each week, and eventually your child will look at physical activity as fun.

2. Get Them Excited About The Gear

When your kids are getting involved in sports, they’ll need the right gear. While that varies slightly from sport to sport, there are plenty of places you can pick this up, such as Elmont Youth Soccer. But rather than picking up the gear on your own, take your child with you so they can learn the fun aspects of each piece of gear they’ll need.

By doing so, you’ll be making sure they look the part while also letting them be comfortable when they’re training and playing. They’ll also be more likely to enjoy themselves because of it.

3. Be An Example

Leading by example is one of the most effective ways to get your child to do anything. It’s especially visible with chores and similar areas, but it can also be applied to sports. If your child sees you engaged in specific sports and their related areas, they’ll be more likely to want to take part.

They’ll have a more positive image of the sports, and will want to be more like you. As an added benefit, this makes sports something you can enjoy together. You can make it a more family-oriented approach by doing this.

4. Focus On Fun

When most people think of sports, it’s the top players they picture first. As such, children look up to these star players as role models, and will want to emulate their competitive skills. But this can breed an unhealthy situation for your child because they will stop seeing the sport as fun.

Instead, try to focus on making sure your child has fun in the game. In some cases, your child may want to learn to be competitive in a fun way, but they lack the skills to do so. In that case, ensure your child that practices should be fun, and in time, they will begin developing these kinds of skills after they turn eight.

Focusing on fun from the start means it’ll be a much more enjoyable experience. Your kids will be more engaged and will have a better time, making them want to play other sports as well.

5. Don’t Force It

You’ll want to encourage your child to get involved as much as possible, but they could take some of this as you trying to force the situation. They may think you’re making them do things they don’t want to do. So, you’ll need to make sure that doesn’t happen.

If your kids feel this way, they’ll enjoy the sport less and less, no matter how much they enjoyed it at the start. Instead, try to carefully encourage them without it coming across as too pushy. Part of that involves hearing what your child has to say about sports.

Once they’ve expressed an interest in a sport, let them know you support them with it and you’re happy to take them to training, games, and more. If they express a dislike for sports, don’t keep pushing them toward it. You’ll put them off even more.

The Takeaway

If you don’t know how to get your kid into sports, it might seem like a complicated, time-consuming, and even stressful process. It doesn’t need to be. You can make it much easier by being an example, making it part of their routine, and focusing on fun.

Make sure not to force the issue, as that could make them much less interested in it. Nobody wants that to happen. Take your time, and you should see your child’s interest in sports grow and grow. You’ll have a budding sports star before you know it!

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