Unruly Royalty | Internet Sounds Off On Princess Kate’s Parenting Skills

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A glimpse into Princess Kate’s world of parenting showed us that even royal parents can’t control their children. Here’s why.

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The royal family was once considered the epitome of class and grace. Things have shifted drastically, and not in a good way. Prince Andrew has been accused of unspeakable crimes. Prince Harry fled the palace with his wife and children in tow. And now, Princess Kate’s parenting skills are under scrutiny because of how she handled Prince Louis’ antics at the Queen’s most recent Jubilee. 

The Gist of the Issue

Indeed not a picture-perfect moment, Prince Louis actually behaved like a, dare I say it, ‘typical child’ and visually expressed his discomfort and disdain for the Jubilee’s festivities. Although not all children have temper tantrums, many do, often at the most inopportune time. 

In Kate’s case, Lil’ Louis decided he had had enough smack dab in the middle of being filmed at the Queen’s Jubilee. Although she did her best to try and keep things nice and cute for the cameras, I can almost guarantee that she was absolutely mortified. 

Her critics believe that she went far too easy on her son, as he shooed her away, almost appearing to have smacked her in the mouth (in an attempt to shut her up, no less). He placed his hand over her mouth, mocked her, taunted her (Little Rascal Style), made angry faces, etc. And while the Princess did all she could to nullify his tantrum, he seemed to only reply with the same energy every time she tried to reprimand him gently. 

Royal Rules Apply

This would have undoubtedly called for at least a time-out in the real world. Yes, the boy is only 4, but the sooner he learns that these antics are inappropriate, the better. Nevertheless, this very public moment allowed us to venture into a world above our understanding. 

Indeed, no matter how rich any of us may be, most of us can’t fathom what it’s like to grow up in the global fish bowl that is the royal palace. 

Amid a royal Jubilee, disciplining Prince Louis would have caused greater criticism for her. 

To punish him in real-time, she would have had to grab him, likely kicking and screaming, from the area to seclude him and put him in time out. This would have raised eyebrows, and many would have been more likely to assume that she was removing him from public view to spank him, which would have likely sparked an entirely different issue and debate. So, yes, she absolutely missed out on an opportunity to help modify his behavior. However, she handled it in the best way she could at the time. 

Judge Not

Watching the royal family unravel has been a tad entertaining for most people. Nevertheless, it’s also essential to know when it’s time to roast and when it’s time to extend a little grace. No matter how you feel about the royal family, please realize that Kate is one of its newest members, and Louis barely realizes he is one. So, let’s just embrace this new, much more down-to-earth version of the royal palace and allow them to have the same experiences and make the same mistakes as most parents. 

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