5 Date Ideas for the Anti Valentine’s Day Couple

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If you’re anti Valentine’s Day, but you still want to enjoy the day with your partner, then these 5 date ideas are perfect for you!

by Kimberly Pangaro | Kimberly is a mom of four daughters and the owner of the lifestyle parenting media company Atomic Mommy. When she’s not running her company or momming all day, she’s writing about family life.

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For the couples who simply can’t stand all the hoopla that Valentine’s Day brings or all the anxiety that it causes, this article is for you.

In this article, we are counting down the top date ideas that are outright perfect and awesome for the anti Valentine’s Day people.

So, tighten that wallet and forget the champagne, because here’s your low-key couples’ guide to celebrating this over-the-top holiday!

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#1 Don’t Buy Alcohol, Make It

Whenever I say DIY, people tend to think of crafts and hot glue guns. Not this time! DIY gifts for each other can be super simple and less about coming up with creative creations. This year, try something completely out of the box. Maybe the two of you are into craft beer or whiskey tastings. Instead of spending top dollar to go to a loud and annoying bar, try one of these DIY kits. It will definitely spice up your at-home date, while adding a bit of couple fun.

#2 At-Home Chef Style Cooking for Two

With Pre-Fixe menu prices sky rocketing (ya know, cuz of covid), it’s getting harder to afford going out to eat on actual holidays. And though you may not want to go out at all, you should still be able to enjoy the affectionate day with your beloved. So, why not dabble in sharing aprons and chef hats, while you create an array of dishes for your lovey dovey. Don’t worry, these detailed instructive meal kits will leave you feeling like you’re Emeril Lagasse!

#3 Binge Watch Amazon Prime’s Top Shows with Junk Food & a Blanket

Imagine yourself cuddling up next to your partner, both in super comfy pajamas, with chips, dip, ice cream, and soft blankets. Doesn’t that sound so nice? That’s because relaxing doesn’t come around all too often. Most of us never get to relax and really enjoy our favorite shows. More often than not, you and your partner probably work crazy hours and only get weekends to spend together. That adds a lot of undue pressure in a relationship, like trying to pack the weekends with a ton of stuff to do as a couple. Instead of adding that same pressure to yourselves for Valentine’s Day, opt for a much lower key night of just the two of you canoodling. Not sure what to watch? Try binging The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel as it will definitely give you a good laugh and some much needed cuddling with 3 fantastic seasons and the fourth due to be released in February.

#4 Listen to a Thrilling Book Together, by Candlelight, with Hot Chocolate

There is nothing more romantic than having your partner read to you, by candlelight or near a fireplace, while sipping on the richest hot chocolate you’ll ever have! Sure, restaurants and night clubs offer a certain type of vibe, and if that’s what you’re into, then that’s what you’re into. But if you’re interested in trying something truly romantic, like a scene out of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, without the actual work of reading, try using Audible to listen to a book. There are so many to choose from, depending on your preference. Do you want to see your heart beat palpating through your shirt or would you rather feel the softness of pillowy words drip into your ear? Whatever your styling is, turn this Valentine’s Day into a riveting romance of your choosing. Here are my favorite books to read by candlelight. You can find them on Audible as well.

#5 Friend’s Jenga Challenge Night

Okay, this one sounds kind of childish, but I promise, you will have fun! First, I don’t know what person didn’t enjoy playing Jenga as a kid. Second, this game is a great conversational form of entertainment. Third, if you’re that couple who prefers to spend Valentine’s Day with friends or throw a party at your home, then this will be the best game you play. Fourth, even if you’re single, this game is an epic fun bringer! So, grab your cheapest Tequila or Vodka, and make teams of two. Each team member will take turns, depending on the round, to pull a piece from the tower. As the game goes on, the team who brings it tumbling down has to take two shots (each). The winning team, takes one shot each… for simply winning! It’s a great way to drink cheaply, play a fun game, and enjoy each other’s company.

Bonus Tip

Have you ever spent all day making love to your partner? Or to yourself? If not, we highly recommend doing so! It is a great way to spend the day, as well as being a cathartic experience to release whatever stress you may be carrying.

How do you convince your partner to engage in an all day love-making-fest? By using the best pheromones, of course. Pheromones are what makes two people have that chemistry zap. So what better way to convince your partner than to enhance what brought you two together.

If you would rather spend the day making love to yourself, then you might as well use the right tool. Having a relationship with your body’s sexuality is just as important as having one with someone else. As a rule of thumb, if you can’t have sex with yourself, then how can you expect others to want to!

The Takeaway

Don’t let the high prices or commercial angst of Valentine’s Day get in the way of you enjoying the holiday. There’s no need to feel pressure to buy each other gifts or plan some epic expensive night. Just like the list above suggests, you can definitely hang out and have a low-key date night while still feeling in love, whether with a partner or on your own. Remember, self love is still LOVE!

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