5 Myths Keeping You From Starting A Blog

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Starting a blog is not as hard as it seems even though there are a ton of myths out there that may be stopping you. Here are 5 myths keeping you from starting a blog!

by Kimberly Pangaro

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Starting a blog can seem like an impossible feat. What would you even write about and who would even listen, right?

Lots of people!

That’s because people are always on the lookout for honest and authentic points of view. As bloggers, we offer this. The harder truth is that starting a blog is time consuming, confusing, and with all of the blogging influencers out there, straight answers become harder to find.

Welcome to the biggest myths that cause more people than not, to fear starting a blog. Here are 5 myths that I personally have found to be limiting.

#1 The blogging industry is too saturated for my blog to be successful.

This is a myth! The blogging industry may be saturated, but there is plenty of room for your blog. It doesn’t matter what your blog is about, as long as you produce quality content and target your audience with a clear message, and you’re consistent with your posting. Not to mention, make social media your best friend. Which brings me to the next myth.

#2 I need a ton of money to make my blog well-known and successful.

False! You do not need a ton of money to make your blog successful. What you need is a good strategy, consistency, and quality content. Your blog will never make noise in the blogging industry if you’re only blogging every now and again. Readers want consistency. They want quality. They desire value. So, give them all of that with your blog posts. Then use your social media to promote your posts, asking friends and family to retweet, share, and repost on their accounts. This works just like word of mouth advertising.

#3 I need a huge social media following before I can start a blog.

Wrong again. Strategy really needs to become your right-hand tool. If you have a strategy for how often you’ll post, for the topics you want to share, and for how often you’ll post on social media, the followers will follow. Provide value in every post you share on social media, but don’t over think what value is. Value can be anything to anyone. Sometimes, you may think that what you feel is not valuable, even though it may hold value for others.

For example, a meme can make someone laugh, allowing them to have a better day. A random tweet asking people how their day is going, can help people feel like they’re not alone. A look inside your daily grind can cause other bloggers to feel like they’re right there with you, facing the hardships. Your blog will gain followers on social media as you continue to provide these authentic feelings and value to people, all while growing your blog’s readership.

#4 Blogs don’t make any real money.

Starting a blog should be about more than just making money, but let’s face facts, we don’t want to be poor either. Some bloggers are earning between $25K and $50K per year, while the big time bloggers earn six figures each year. The difference in how much money you make is based on strategy and how well you execute that strategy. With a knock-out strategy, quality content, added value, and becoming a branded blogging business, your blog could very well earn six figures, after just one year! Of course, it might not hurt to have another little money-making job on the side, especially when you’re just starting out – you could check this out to see if any of the suggestions here take your fancy. 

#5 I don’t have any time to blog consistently when I have a full-time job.

This one is also not true and here’s why. You need a content strategy. You can plan your content for the whole year in one simple Saturday afternoon. Then, you can aim to batch write your content once a week. All you need is a plan to follow.

Let’s say you want to publish 5 posts each week, that’s 260 posts per year. Don’t feel overwhelmed by that number because after a little bit of basic math, you can still write those 5 posts on a Sunday, schedule them to be published on certain days, and then be done. Also, and only if you can afford to do this, you can aim to hire freelance writers, in order to fill the content hole. Either way… Your weekdays will still be for your full-time job and your weekends, for your blog.

The Takeaway

No matter what you took away from reading this post, there is one thing in particular that I hope you come away understanding — You need a strategy! Strategy is the most important part of anything you do in life, whether it’s blogging or vlogging or creating. Having a plan will keep you focused on the short term goals and the long term goals. So, here’s to your new blogging adventure and may it be a little easier to start.

Happy Blogging!

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