5 Reasons Soup is Good for the Soul

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by Troop Atomic Mommy

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One of the most common remedies for a common cold is a good, hearty bowl of soup. It may sound like something that’s out of a ye olde medicine book, but it’s not. And with the cold weather at our door step, soup is the perfect warming dish on those cold days or for when you’re not feeling great.

Soups is that one dish that is globally enjoyed. You can have a broth-style soup for nutrients or a full meal with all of the goodies swimming in the soup. The best thing about soup is that it doesn’t really matter whether you have a particular favorite flavor. Load up a soup bowl with meat and potatoes or kick the meat to the curb. Rather a healthier option, then try this low carb recipe for chicken soup – FYI, it uses cauliflower instead of noodles!

Soup is the ultimate healthy meal and is great as a snack! It’s for these reasons that we say, “Soup is good for the soul.” Check out these 5 reasons you need to add soup to your diet.

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#1 It’s warming.

Soup is the food people go to when the temperatures dip down. You can have it ready to heat up on the stove, you can portion it and reheat it at work, and you can even opt for some spicy add-in’s to really heat it up your stomach! Bored of traditional soup? Serve your soup in a mug as a snack version and to keep your hands warm.

#2 You can pack in the veggies.

It’s often harder to eat vegetables in the winter months. All you want to do in the summer sunshine is eat salad after salad, but soup is the perfect way to get your vegetable intake in your body. You can munch down on a ton of veggies via soups. You can also prepare your soup in advance, portioning it for the freezer. You’ll be able to load up on fiber and antioxidants while eating soup. Want something hardier? Add noodles or rice!

#3 It’s a great way to hydrate.

Soup is one of the best options for hydrating if you’re struggling to keep up with your water intake. You can enjoy the exceptionally high water content of soup and it doesn’t have to be thick, you can use a broth instead of a thick soup, and that’ll be great for your skin!

#4 You’ll be fuller for much longer.

Soup is a filling meal in itself and you will find that you eat less, overall. You can keep the hunger at bay, keep up with the nutrients that you need and you can even lose some weight, if that’s what you’re looking for.

#5 It’s great for a cold.

Did you know that soup used to be considered a type of penicillin? There are studies in the past that show that it’s a great treatment for the common cold, and so the ye olde medicine books may not have been wrong!

The Takeaway

Soup is the ultimate healthy meal. It provides comfort, warmth, and plenty of nutrients. And that’s why we say it’s good for the soul.

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