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The benefits of exercise for your mental and physical well-being are well documented, so returning to an exercise routine should be considered beneficial. Yet for a lot of people, there are barriers precluding them from exercise or working out.

Commonly, there are psychological hurdles that act as a deterrent and inhibit your confidence to undertake regular exercise. It could be that you are new to exercise and are not confident in what you are doing. Perhaps you have health conditions that worry you. Alternatively, you could have been embroiled in an intense legal dispute with injury lawyers or medical malpractice attorneys fighting on your behalf to recover compensation for an injury you have sustained. All of which has resulted in a loss of confidence in your physical abilities. Whatever the hurdle knocking your confidence here are some techniques to help you overcome them.

Start small

When it comes to returning to exercise or undertaking a new exercise regime the best course of action is to start slowly. If you dive in at the deep end and take on more than you are able to, it will adversely affect your confidence and may discourage you from trying again. Breaking down your workouts or exercise into small manageable chunks that you can achieve will leave you feeling positive about your workout and will help you gain confidence in your own ability. 

Remember why you started

Whether you are starting for the first time or re-starting an exercise program, you will have certain reasons and motivations for doing so. These motivations are important to you and will help you keep going, so hold on to them. Write them down if you have to or physically repeat them to yourself as a mantra.

Don’t overthink it 

The hardest bit about exercise is starting. You can talk yourself out of it, procrastinate all day, or make excuses to put it off. To avoid doing this try not to overthink the process and everything it entails. Simply start by just putting your workout outfit on, without thinking about why or what is coming next.

Once it is on and you have your water or supplies ready, just go. Don’t spend ages thinking or deliberating over anything else. Get out the door and tell yourself you’re going to workout for at least five minutes. If you are really struggling after those five minutes, then you have permission to stop. That said, the great feeling you’ll have after those five minutes will help you finish the workout you had planned. 

Treat yourself

Sometimes treating yourself to some new gym clothes, a new pair of running shoes, or even a new water bottle can act as a great source of motivation. These things can serve as a much-deserved treat for hitting goals or milestones you set yourself. When you do buy new gym clothes or gear, buy comfortable and make yourself feel good, as this will do wonders for your confidence. 

The Takeaway

Making a return to exercise, for whatever the reasons, will build your confidence. The longer you workout, the more your confidence will build leading to days of pure excitement towards the next workout day.

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