5 Tips On How to Shower Without Interruptions

by Troop Atomic Mommy

UPDATED: November 7, 2021

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Remember what it was like to shower without interruptions? If you feel like shower time is far and few in between because you’ve dedicated all your time to the kids, don’t get down on yourself. Sometimes life as a parent makes us all forget to do some self-care. We all need to remember, we were individuals before we were parents and from time to time, it’s more than okay to treat ourselves.

Do you remember giving yourself a bath or standing in a nice, hot shower just because it felt good? This may seem like a thing of the past, but with these tips you can truly reclaim being able to take a shower without interruptions!

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#1 Put the kids to bed a half hour earlier than normal

Bring the baby monitor into the bathroom with you, then start your own mini late night spa session! If you hate having wet hair for bed like I do, then try this… hop out of bed 20 minutes earlier than usual and find yourself refreshed for the day!

Trust me — I have teens, toddlers, and school-aged girls calling Mommy at all hours of the day! If I’m not running around trying to help my toddler out of an outfit she got stuck in, then I’m running around breaking up fights between the two teens. Using a baby monitor helped me listen to all their nonsense and at the same time, if need be, to run out of the shower when the situation called for it.

#2 Give the kids some screen time

While this one depends on the age of our child, you can really benefit by letting go of the controls you’ve put in place. You don’t have to use this tip often and certainly not regularly, but if it has been a few days or even a dreaded week (we’ve all had those moments), then it’s probably time to loosen the reins on screen time.

If your kid is age two and up, letting them have the phone to watch YouTube or play Animal Crossing is going to be your best bet to squeeze in some much needed self-care.

#3 Ask a friend or family member or neighbor for help

Yes, you are allowed to ask for help every once in a blue moon. You don’t have to do every ounce of parenting on your own. This includes asking for help from someone you trust to watch the children for thirty minutes so you can hop into the shower. If its between feeling ashamed for needing the help or having a meltdown in front of your child, trust me, you’re going to regret the help much less than the meltdown. So, ask for the help so you can get a good clean in!

#4 Hire a babysitter

Most people think of hiring babysitters for the important events like date nights or work functions, but what most parents don’t realize is that self-care is and should be considered an important event worth hiring a babysitter for. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay at home parent or work full-time, self-care usually ends up being the last thing we think of as an important task to get to. But it should be and hiring a babysitter for an hour or a few hours, can really make the difference between completely feeling like a failure and completely feeling recharged.

#5 Let the baby self soothe

Okay, this one is going to rub some parents the wrong way, but that’s alright. This may not be for every parent and that’s why I was diligent about adding the other tips above. For those of us who believe in the power of letting a baby self soothe, then it is in those moments that we can take a quick ten minute shower just for a refresh and recharge. And let’s face it, with the power of technology, letting the baby self soothe in their crib while we shower for ten minutes, is getting much easier with the inventions of baby monitors that let you see their live breathing patterns in high definition.

The Takeaway

Getting to shower without interruptions doesn’t have to be a fantasy, it can become a reality with any one of the above tips or a combination of the above tips. It’s time to take back control of your self-care routine so that you can be a more focused, refreshed, and recharged parent. We all need that, every now and again!

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